Affiliate marketing is the model simpler and faster to start a business online business and is an excellent opportunity to generate income by performing a minimal investment.

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Affiliate marketing is very simple as you (the affiliate) make an agreement with a company to promote their products and then receive a commission for each sale generated.

By being part of an affiliate program, you receive a commission for promoting internet services or products from other companies. It is a business model that does not require you to have a website or blog, but have a serious traffic sufficiently great advantage. Simply you have to do is to direct visitors to the website of traders so that they acquire their products or services and you earn your commissions.

There are many prestigious companies that can affiliate. This allows you to buy and sell digital content such as e-books, subscriptions to publications, software, etc. to customers anywhere in the world, using a network of own products and affiliate marketers who promote these products through the Internet. The business model focuses primarily on being the intermediary between 3 key groups.

  1. Owners of Products: These are people who sell their intellectual property through an e-commerce network.
  2. Sellers Affiliates: Are the people who promote and advertise these products to potential consumers anywhere in the world in exchange for important commissions.
  3. Consumers: The potential audience that takes these digital content which is not usually found in traditional distribution channels.

These prestigious companies are acts as a trusted intermediary between these three groups, controlling the flow of money from each transaction, while providing a transparent management for both product owners and affiliates that includes a guaranteed sales, monitoring and fraud protection platform totally secure.

Thus, the possibility of earning income through affiliate marketing is presented as a profitable business, especially considering that many product owners pay up to 75% commission on sales.

One of the major advantages of starting a business through affiliate marketing is that you do not need to make large investments of money. You can start without a website or you can create one by a monthly maintenance cost only $ 4.

4 steps to promote products with a website

  • Register a domain for your website and hire a company of hosting.
  • Choose a product that is related to the theme of your site. Be sure to choose a product or service that is in great demand and good quality.
  • Subscribe to an affiliate program. Choose a reputable company that possesses good reviews and recommendations to join your affiliate program.
  • Use marketing strategies to promote products. The ideal is to create simple items as a personal experience where you explain to potential customers and has helped you this product or service to solve a given problem and why they recommend.

In the end, in this article I have mentioned the most important steps for success in affiliate marketing for dummies so far, hope this will help you to achieve your goal.

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